Roses Down Under Book

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Roses down Under Dawn Eagle 2013. Xlibris LLC Reviewed by Hayden Foulds. Dawn Eagle’s new book ‘Roses down under’ is a celebration of the rose in both Australia and New Zealand and a culmination of many years research by Dawn into the history of the rose in both countries. It is to be remembered that there are no native roses in either country, so all roses that exist have either been imported into or bred there. 2014 marks 200 years since … [Read more...]

Book Review – A life with roses

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A Life with Roses David Ruston with Sue Zwar. Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd 2011 Reviewed by Hayden Foulds Australian rosarian extraordinaire David Ruston delights us with his latest creation, a book celebrating his lifetime involvement with the Queen of Flowers. ‘A Life with Roses’ tells us David’s story from his early years in Renmark through to the development of his world famous rose garden and his involvement with various … [Read more...]

Book Review – 125 Years passion for roses: the Kordes family

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125 Years Passion for Roses – Kordes family Angelika Throll with assistance from Ute Kordes Translated into English by Ludwig Taschner. The Kordes name is one of the great names of the rose world who celebrated 125 years of growing and breeding roses in Germany in 2012. This book was written to celebrate this milestone occasion and is a wonderful tribute to a family and company who have given so much to the world of roses. Each of the … [Read more...]

Book Review – Veld, Vlei and Rose Gardens

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‘Veld, Vei and Rose Gardens: Inspiration from South African Gardeners’ Edited by Sheenagh Harris and Jacqueline Kalley. Otterley Press 2012. Reviewed by Hayden Foulds This stunning book was produced in time for the WFRS World Rose Convention in South Africa in October 2012 and is a celebration of the rose gardens of South Africa. Each of the gardens owners tells their own story behind their wonderful gardens and their appreciation for the … [Read more...]

Book Review – Palmers Rose Growing Handbook

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Palmers Rose Growers Handbook by Janet Cheriton. RRP $24.99 incl GST. This book is a welcome addition to those who are wanting to learn more about growing the queen of flowers in New Zealand after years of hardly nothing aimed at our unique growing conditions. A wide range of topics are covered in detail that will guide anyone in their quest to grow great roses in their own garden. Even the most experienced rose grower is bound to learn … [Read more...]